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Supernatural Secret Fic Challenge

Supernatural Secret Postcard Fic Challenge
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spn_secretfic is a fic challenge community for the Supernatural fandom. It uses postcards from the amazing spn_secretpost community.

I will be posting the secrets for claiming on Sunday April 1st and will be open for claiming the whole week. Each person can claim two secrets, and each secret can be claimed by up to five people. You can interpret your chosen secret/s any which way you can, and the minimum word count is 100 words, with no maximum word count. Fics are due May 1st, but don't worry if you're a day late :D

The rules are simple-be nice, no bitching, respect other people and we'll all get along fine.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/complaints, please email me at kalisama@gmail.com.